About Advanced Planning Technologies, Inc.

In 1992, APT, Inc. changed the CAFM software industry with new technology, introducing the concept of data tightly integrated with CAD drawing objects.  For the first time, facility managers and other departments could control and manage building and grounds issues looking through the familiar window of floor, roof and site plans.  Relational data was available with the click of a mouse and information could be easily queried for sophisticated analysis and reports could be easily created.

NetRequest™ is an all inclusive application that communicates facility information effectively to every department and service provider.  By utilizing NetRequest’s live CAD drawings, combined with photos of real asset items in the plans and clicking to access any information and hard-copy documentation for each item; it creates an intuitive and all encompassing system.  NetRequest™ is easy to use, enabling the user to communicate, share and provide two-way interaction with organizational departments (i.e. Administration, IT, Facilities, Health & Safety, Security, Secretaries, Maintenance, etc.), vendors, Fire & Police Departments and regulatory agencies to deliver and communicate actionable information for all.  And it’s LIVE, everyone see’s the changes instantly.

Because  NetRequest™ is a web native application utilizing Java, SVG and SQL, we have the capability to expand its reach into areas previously managed by single-purpose applications.   We deliver the most comprehensive functionality, technology and support for the least cost.

Our mission is to provide an affordable, intuitive and comprehensive web based system that manages and communicates all the organizational and facility information to every occupant, service provider and manager that the organization services and works with, in one simple application.

Please visit NetRequest.net to learn more about how Advanced Planning Technologies, Inc. can become your partner in complete facility management.


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